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The ever growing need for online resources because of time, money, scheduling issues and so much more.
The problem is the attention to the details is missing!
It is my passion in life to empower and educate those around me to trust that our bodies know best! And it really is the key to taking our well being and health into our own hands. Education and guidance is the way to do it!
If your a practitioner looking to make a bigger impact in your clients lives. If this even a little bit excites you or your interested Join me!
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Hi I'm Jamie

An Athletic Therapist, educator, collaborator, a listener that is full of compassion.  Add a little enthusiasm and a dash of humour makes me a true believer that anything is possible. 


What else makes me different from the others?

The focus I put on the details.       


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This is my way of paying it forward to those practitioners that have the passion for helping and that put the needs of their clients first. My experience has been those that care the most tend to burn out more often than not! 

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