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Yoga Mats


These classes act as bridge between your treatments and how you move in life. Own what your body is doing to prepare for what ever comes its way.

Learn what's required to enhance and preserve natural human movement. These details matter to everyone, no matter who you are or how you spend your time. Stop throwing your back out as soon as you let your guard down, stop avoiding the things you know you will 'pay for' later.  Understand why your back feels stiff after certain things, the reason behind why that one sticky shoulder keeps showing up and learn to move beyond it!

Weekly 30 min Classes that Will Connect You to What's Missing in Your Movement

7 day Trial FREE

Renew your energy, lose weight, clear your mind, decrease dis-ease in your body!

Are you frustrated with your body, your recovery or lacking answers and results? 


Dive into essential education that covers stability and mobility challenges, details on a number of techniques that will influence joint movement, muscle tension, pain patterns, the nervous system and how to use to power of gravity to get results fast.​

Build a durable body by investing in your future MOVEMENT HEALTH like you invest in your retirement.

Overcome the modern day stresses, build resilience and create longevity.

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Target Your Mobility Struggles

Join Weekly Live virtual sessions

Each series is designed to deepen your body connection and make you more aware of how your body works and to get you asking questions about how you've addressed body issues in the past.

We will target an area of the body, create awareness around it, learn concepts that build on one another and learn to apply it in life.  

Week 1

Understand and create awareness around your own body based on the topic and concept of the month.

Week 2

Take on new techniques, and concepts that you can apply in life at the office, gym, at home or even out on your hike or bike.

Week 3

 Learn and develop the specifics that allow you to move freely though space and life.

Week 4

Harness your hidden power to achieve freedom of movement by sychronizing your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, brain, blood and lymphatics.

You will learn how easy it is to get results with subtle changes in details and cues.

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