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Foot Muscles Model


Rehab & Recovery

Insert list of all the possible areas that you could injure or feel pain :)

Yes pain and injury is real but how has the rest of your body adjusted because of it? Having worked in the rehabilitation side of the industry for years we've discovered many of our clients were healthy and fit and then something happened. They were injured, suffered an accident, started a family or life simply got busy. Along the way imbalances in their body occurred changing their body's movement - leading to re-injury, pain or discomfort in the longterm.

Most programs or treatment plans are not designed to rebalance and correct problematic, dysfunctional movement patterns - until NOW!

We start by looking at your
PARTS (learning their struggles), address your PATTERNS (create connection between your parts) and challenge your PERFORMANCE (how everything works together).

View from the mountain to the river

We believe...

Pain is NOT a normal part of life.

Pain is a message that something is out of balance.  Interpreting & understanding these messages is key.

Your body is 
resilient & capable.

It doesn't do anything without a reason and has an amazing quest to keep us alive.
Never say never - anything is possible!

we brush our teeth daily to prevent cavities should we not do the same for our body?

We need to work smarter NOT harder

Finding what's missing in your efforts will make things easy.
It's not as hard a you may think!

Don't wait for the pain to arrive to care.

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