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Why Physical Solutions ? 


As our name suggests, we find solutions for our clients. How? We use detailed functional assessments that analyze posture, multi-joint movement and muscular imbalances to uncover the root cause of your pain or dysfunction before designing a treatment program. It seems counterintuitive, but where you feel pain is rarely the source. A common mistake in healthcare today is to treat the body part screaming the loudest. The movement patterns of the body are designed to fire muscles in a certain order, and we use our experience as ‘detectives’ to determine where in the movement chain you’ve developed imbalances from something as simple as sitting at a desk to dysfunction caused by a car accident. 

We can help you by uncovering and effectively treating the problems that are limiting your activities and enjoyment of life. The solutions we find may surprise you – we’ve had cases of chronic foot pain solved by teaching clients how to activate their core – but that’s what we love about our work. We can find the solution and never want you to settle for ‘manageable’ pain! 


Results from a Personalized Approach


While athletic therapists have similar training to physiotherapists, our treatment approach is very different. We focus on the complex interactions between muscles and bone that result in how you uniquely move through life, and we also focus on you. Walk into most physiotherapy clinics and you’ll be treated at the same time as 4 to 6 other people – this is not the case at Physical Solutions. Discovering the details of how you move and teaching you how to adjust those movements for optimal health requires attention to detail, dedicated time training you to perform exercises correctly and supervised progression of exercises to keep you improving.

We believe in taking an active role in educating and empowering you to a functional level of body awareness that results in independent health. If your need is injury recovery, chronic pain management or taking your training to the next level, our expertise and unique programs will produce life changing results.



Jamie Bessant

Certified Athletic Therapist

I thrive on teaching my clients to understand their bodies better and to recognize that slowing down and taking the time to breathe helps in all aspects of life! 

I've been in the exercise rehab business for over 17 years working with clients as young as 7 to as old as their late 90’s with the focus always being on finding the 'ROOT' of the problem.


You will hear me often asking my clients: ‘ If your car breaks down and you leave it in the garage to REST when you come back to it will it start?’  Yet we expect our bodies to ’FIX’ themselves with rest.            - Learn More -