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MOVEment Health

MOVEment Health Classes

Learn what's required to enhance and preserve natural human movement. 

These details matter to everyone, no matter who you are or how you spend your time. Stop throwing your back out as soon as you let your guard down, stop avoiding the things you know you will 'pay for' later.  Understand why your back feels stiff after certain things, the reason behind why that one sticky shoulder keeps showing up and learn to move beyond it!

Dive into essential education that covers stability and mobility challenges, details on a number of techniques that will influence joint
movement, muscle tension, pain patterns, the nervous system and how to use to power of gravity to get results fast.

Build a durable body by investing in your future MOVEMENT HEALTH like you invest in your retirement.


MOVEment Health Class Pass

Bridge the gap between your treatments with your favourite practitioners and the dynamics of fitness, sport and life.

You will not only get weekly access to the live classes and a recording afterwords but also a continual growing bank of movement series at your figure tips so you can search, play, apply and grow your movement health.

Get Your First Week FREE

Join Jamie weekly to develop your movement health. Create awareness around the common mistakes and connect to the basic foundations of movement.  Learn how to apply these simple but not easy concepts in life and movement. These classes act as bridge between your treatments and how you move in life. Own what your body is doing to prepare for what ever comes its way.

Prepare YOUR body for what ever comes your way!

If your stuck in the pain cycle with no end in sight...

You will find the answers to move you forward free from pain, ache, stiffness, and the deep tunnel of discomfort and injury.

If your a chronic exerciser or athlete...

Your will become stronger, faster and suffer less set backs and injuries.

If your struggling to move freely as you age...

You will learn how to move beyond the chronic aches and pains that we have so easily learned to accept in life.

These MOVEment Health Classes are about introducing a new way of approaching movement by over coming a general lack of understanding of how the body is suppose to move.


Trampoline jumping with out experiencing an OOPSIE :(


Move in life without consequences


Fully participate and enjoy fitness!


Invested in the long game & feeling your best as you age!


Go hiking without contemplating the physical cost!


Move FREE & feel great doing the activities that define your life!

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