"I'm not telling you it is going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."


Learn how to reconnect to areas lost function.  This is often the cause of random aches and pains, or the reason why you never seem to get 'better' with the exercises you are currently doing.  Be guided through 'magical' little modifications to your movement patterns, that will lead to proper load distribution throughout the body, and the ideal activation of ALL your muscles - not just the ones that makes you look pretty.  This will decrease stress on your joints, and relieve the excess tension in your muscles.

When you focus on the details - small changes in movement positioning, have big impacts on your life and sport.







'There is NO such thing as 'Perfect Posture' or 'Sport Specific Training' - There is just MOVEMENT'

Move better today, so you can live the life you want tomorrow!

Join Jamie & Dr. Andrea you'll learn small changes in movement make a big impact on your body.


With a combined 27+ years of movement therapy, come learn, feel and be guided as to WHY your body is in this cycle of breakdown and WHAT and HOW to break the cycle.


Dr. Andrea - A movement based Chiropractor with 'magic tricks' to help regain motor control over long lost muscles and movement. 


Jamie - An Athletic Therapist with a 'visual 6th sense' and attention to movement detail that will humble the most athletic people, and lead to better function than ever thought possible.




We are often asked 'Now can you came home with me?' as we go over details of an exercise.  NOW WE CAN with Motivation included! 

These Classes Are For You if:

- You want to feel better, move better & be your better.

- You are having a hard time getting out of the injury cycle.

- You struggle with the motivation to do the little things needed to perform the 'fun' exercises correctly.

- You want to save money & time.

- You want to understand the HOW behind the WHAT.

Our Goal:

- Is to help you reconnect to areas of your body you've forgotten about - areas that are limiting you ability to create the movement necessary to perform even the most basic life skills, like sitting, walking, breathing, or shoulder checking.

- When you have lost the ability to identify or control different parts of you body, or have no idea what each part of your body is actually designed to do; this can often be the cause of random aches and pains you experience, or the reason you never seem to get better with the exercises you are currently doing.

We Will: 

- Guide you through 'magical' little modifications fo HOW to move your body, so you stop putting extra stress on sore joints, and get ALL your muscles working - not just the ones that make you look pretty!

- If YOU want your body to be ready for life, you must learn HOW to use your body and understand the influence your movement limitations have on your ability to execute common exercises correctly.

- Because creating a DYNAMIC posture versus a perfect STATIC posture is the difference between the amazement you experience when you can get through a day without experiencing pain... and constantly dealing with the battle of discomfort, being side-lined from activities, periodic injuries and weekly therapeutic appointments.


'The only bad posture is one that you spend too much time in.' 

- Dr. Andreo Spina, Founder of Functional Range Release/Conditioning and Kinstretch -


'Movement is not sport specific.'

- Dr. Pavel Kolar, Founder of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization -

Sports are performed with different combinations of the same basic movements. Uprighting, rotation, and stepping forward.  You need to stand up before you can walk, throw, swing a club or kick a ball.


BodyPrep - LIVE

Focus is on uprighting: Aligning your pelvis and trunk, breathing and core - the foundations of all our movements.

What you will get:

- Educated and guided through the essential components to a functioning body.

- Achieve body awareness; what areas you struggle to connect your brain to and the big area/s you need to focus on in order to rebuild a body that will last for the rest of your life.

- Progressive movement exercises to get you standing up tall and ready to move.

- Taught self care techniques that line up with the latest research and not just 'magic pill' fads.

- The big picture --> to the details --> and then integration back to the big picture - So you ALWAYS understand your body.

With this course:

- We will give you your life back!

- Empower you to make the best decisions for how and what to do to train and move your body to keep you off the sidelines of your own life.

- Parents! This workshop is the key to not just keeping up with your kids, but 'kicking their A**' in the backyard fun!

 Who is this course for? 

- Weekend warriors who are limited with time and need to prepare their body efficiently for weekend fun!

- Parents who are struggling being the parent they want to be; either at home or the park, and helping their kids become functioning athletes.

- Athletes plagued with nagging issues in their body; limiting both training and performance.

- Anyone who wants to learn how to maximize what their body is capable of.