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We're not your ordinary approach...

We have an incessant drive to make a difference in your physical health. Which is why we mix a number of different modalities to create tools for you to be your optimal version of health. 

Have you ever wanted a do-over?

If you had the ability to start over, would you do things different?

We believe you can & we'll be your guide to do just that. It's rarely about the part that is screaming the loudest!

We find solutions for our clients. How? We use detailed functional assessments that analyze posture, multi-joint movement and muscular imbalances to uncover the root cause of your pain or dysfunction before designing a treatment program. It seems counterintuitive, but where you feel pain is rarely the source. We will start where it hurts and then look everywhere else. The movement patterns of the body are designed to fire muscles in a certain order, and we use our experience as ‘detectives’ to determine where in the movement chain you’ve developed imbalances from something as simple as sitting at a desk to protective mechanisms caused by a car accident. 

We'll bring you back to the basics, peal back the layers of compensations that your body has developed to survive. Uncovering and effectively treating the problems that are limiting your activities and enjoyment of life. The solutions we find may surprise you – we’ve had cases of chronic foot pain solved by teaching clients how to activate their diaphragm through breath work – but that’s what we love about our work. We can find the solution and never want you to settle for ‘manageable’ pain! 


Results from a Personalized Approach


Our treatment approach is very different than the norm. We focus on the complex interactions between muscles and bones that result in how you uniquely move through life, and we focus only on YOU. Pain changes how you move and if your movement hurts it can't be changed by adding more exercise or fitness.  Discovering the details of how you move and teaching you how to adjust those movements for optimal health requires attention to detail, dedicated time educating you to become aware of what's missing and creating connections that were lost.

We believe in taking an active role in educating and empowering you to a functional level of body awareness that results in independent health. If your need is injury recovery, chronic pain management or taking your training to the next level, our expertise and unique programs will produce life changing results. The depth in which you understand and master the BASICS influences how easy everything comes after that!

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It's used in everything we do. We are not carbon copies of one another which is why our 3 step process is so effective. It's a process of discovering what YOUR body's unique needs are, connecting what is needed and moving in a new way so you can be successful long term in your body goals and aspirations.


We  admit we have a bias.  Having worked in the rehabilitation side of the industry for years we've discovered many of our clients were healthy and fit and then something happened.  They were injured, suffered an accident, started a family or life simply got busy.  Along the way imbalances in their body occurred changing their body's movement - leading to re-injury, pain or discomfort.


Most training programs are not designed to rebalance and correct problematic, dysfunctional movement patterns. The          method is designed to elevate your health, create connections that were lost, focus on what was missed and turn weaknesses into strengths.



Discover where you are.


Develop what's missing


Move to live life free

01 - Explore & Discover


Assess and test different areas of your body to discover where you hold muscle tension, have joint restrictions and where movement breakdowns exist.  Become newly aware of your body through exercises that act as a gauge to better understand what works and what doesn't. 

02 - Education & Understanding 


Get clear on the importance of knowing what part should be doing what and what your 'CORE' actually consists of and why. Take a deep dive into learning about our bodies stress response, what happens, where it can show up and what you can do about it.  Be challenged by thought provoking questions that empower you.

03 - Test & Re-test 


Before and after, if you don't take notice than how are you to know what works?  Get clear on what areas of your body you need to spend more time on and learn how to make your efforts more effective by finding connections that were lost. Learn and understand your bodies habits at rest and in movement, learn tools and strategies on how to create self care, relieve yourself from ache, pain and muscle tension.

01 - Awaken Possibilities & Awareness 


Learn to create attainable goals that actually move you forward so you don't get stuck on the hamster wheel of injury, treatment, injury treatment.  Turn your frustration into motivation and create efforts that make movement easier. Learn what to do when something feels off in your body and how to transfer that to other areas of your life.

02 - Create Mobility

Take on exercises that isolate body parts, muscles and joints to determine what areas of your body have restrictions and why.  Develop movement where it's needed and address and solve mobility problems in your body.

03 - Train Stability 

Understand what makes movement easier, determine what areas of your body need stability & turn your weaknesses into strengths. Develop your stability to keep your mobility by taking all the little things learned and apply them to familiar movements.

01 - Create & Develop

Learn different techniques, applications and views to further develop your self care tool kit. In times of struggle learn how to self treat to further understand what works and what doesn't in times of need. Apply all that you have learned to every fitness class, sport, exercise or movement effort you choose to take on.

02 - Build & play

Further build confidence creating a capable, confident you. Learn to play with the subtle changes to create better movement, take on areas of struggle and have fun with it. Apply the awareness learned to your movement, exercise and sport. Develop and build a body that keeps you moving free from restraints.

03 - Challenge

Challenge your body without creating problems or feeding compensations in your body. Further build connections through movement challenges that can be applied to all aspects of life. Move beyond your movement limitations and create strength and longevityEnjoy the journey or self discovery to where ever you want to take it!


  • level of health

  • level of function

  • level of awareness

  • level of fitness


  • number of injuries

  • chronic aches & pains

  • time spent injured 

  • money spent on rehab and treatments

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A little about the FOUNDER

Jamie Bessant is an Athletic Therapist, owner of Physical Solutions and founder of the FML Method.

She's spent more than 19 years in her private practice empowering everyday-people to athletes, to professionals with tools, movement techniques, and information that have enabled them to understand and learn about their bodies. She's enabled people to move past pain problems, uncertainties, thoughts of being 'broken', and even resigned that their bodies just "can't" do that and gave them the tools to turn it around.

And she's here to share that with you.

Jamie shares her teachings through online courses, workshops, and one on one sessions so you can be empowered in your own life. Whether you're a new Mom, an entrepreneur, you have the corner office, are a fitness guru, or are a health and fitness professional yourself, Jamie is sure to have what you didn't even know you were looking for.

Come and learn, grow, and develop yourself in her proven movement techniques and live the life you've always wanted. 

You read that correctly - and yes, we're being cheeky :)

FML is short for 'Feel. Move. Live.'

And it's at the root of everything we do - we get you in your body to feel what's actually happening, we give you options on how to move to discover (with your body, breath, etc..), and it empowers you to live your life free of whatever restraints were there before.


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