What Makes Us Different?

   - Facts that make us stand out in a crowd.  

When you focus on the details - you will feel how small changes in body positioning has a big impact on your life & sport movements. Learn more

We Collaborate.

We work in an open concept studio.  You won't just get to know your treating practitioner, you will become apart of the Physical Solutions family. 

We find this allows us to truly integrate our services. So many integrated practitioners are locked away in their rooms, following their own goals. In this studio space, we are present and visible, so we can 'pipe in' here and there, and offer a hand when asked.  

* private space is available upon request. 


We Aren't For Everyone.

 If you're a participator (willing to do more than just lie on a table and get rubbed) and a feeler (able to tell the difference when things change in your body) - Your OUR kind of peeps!

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We Love What we do.

It takes a village. At Physical Solutions we are unique in that we are all independent business owners sharing a space so we can collaborate, share, challenge & empower one another to be our better. 
We are all in the business of helping you be better.

We Will Educate, Empower & Guide You To Live The Life You Love With Freedom & Ease!

We Believe In The Big Picture.

Real change doesn't happen over night. If you are planning a dream vacation you don’t just jump on a plane and take off.  There is a number of steps you need to take to get into the air.  Determine where you are going (via travel agent, google), buy your tickets, passport, pack, go to the airport, check in, board, taxi to the runway, pick up speed and then off you go. 

Now if you skip one of these steps what would happen?  If you forgot your passport you would have to go home to get it and probably miss your plane, money and time wasted.  Not to mention the disappointment. 

This is also the case with injury. If you try to skip a step, to get their quicker, you will just get sent back to where you started - pain!


We Are In The Business Of Helping.

We all possess the trait of humility. If we don’t know, if we can’t help, we will find you someone who can! We have a built a small army of resources and like minded practitioners to lean on when needed.