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Desert Highway


We will create a path that suits your lifestyle based on your goals and aspirations. We'll address your limitations and optimize your movement patterns, opening up a new way of moving struggle free. 


We are not carbon copies of one another which is why our 3 step process is so effective. It's a process of discovering what YOUR body's unique needs are, connecting what is needed and moving in a new way so you can be successful long term in your body goals and aspirations.


TIER 1 - $45/MTH


Join our guided tour around the body in which you'll learn everything you need to have to create a foundation (CORE) in which all movements are supported. The Core Health Program is an online program that ends where most programs start. So whether you are moving from injury to pain-free, from unfit to fit or fit to pro-fit.  This program is designed to unlock your ability to move freely, to be in control yet stay relaxed and to be strong and flexible at the same time.

The Core Health Program is designed to be dripped to you weekly so you get impactful awareness in digestible chunks that fits into your busy life.

TIER 2 - $55/MTH


This plan is all about your commitment to discovering what's missing in your movement journey. You know you need it, you’re ready to commit to the journey so let’s do it!


Includes everything in TIER 1 with the addition of:

  • 10% off one on one sessions

  • Free Weekly virtual Movement Health Classes ($95 monthly value) 

TIER 3 - $125/MTH


This plan says you are commitment to the process of learning, experimenting & taking action to reclaim responsibility for your movement struggles.  Get access to everything and the kitchen sink!  Commit to your longevity and keep you on track to building a body that will last a lifetime! 


Get access to all listed in TIER 1 & 2 with the addition of:

  • includes a one on one session every 6 weeks 

  • access to all current and future online content; challenges, workshops and so much more...

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