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Core Health Program


Healing starts with awareness. Join our guided tour around the body in which you'll learn everything you need to have to create a foundation (CORE) in which all movements are supported.  Take on new techniques that are transferable to ANY exercise regime, be introduced to exercises that challenge you in new ways and get thought provoking questions that empower you to take back your health independence.


Our Core Health Program ends where most programs start and is divided into seven progressive phases making it easy to maintain and stay on track.  So whether you are moving from injury to pain-free, from unfit to fit or fit to pro-fit.  This program can be designed to fit you. Unlock your ability to move freely, to be in control yet stay relaxed and to be strong and flexible at the same time.



Physical Solutions is about building total-body fitness, endurance and health for the long term. We put all of the building blocks you need into one simple program. You will learn body awareness and proper training techniques under the expert eye of a Certified Athletic Therapist who acts as your guide, coach and motivator.



By rethinking how health and fitness programs are delivered we have created a program that combines one on one session with group coached sessions and online resources to provide greater value to your health and fitness investment.



Success in any undertaking takes a bit of determination.  Our core health program makes it easy to build momentum and consistency by throwing in some camaraderie for good measure, since it's easier and more enjoyable when you are not alone. 

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We  admit we have a bias. Having worked in the rehabilitation side of the industry for years we've discovered many of our clients were healthy and fit and then something happened. They were injured, suffered an accident, started a family or life simply got busy. Along the way imbalances in their body occurred changing their body's movement - leading to re-injury, pain or discomfort.
Most training programs are not designed to rebalance and correct problematic, dysfunctional movement patterns. So we've developed our 'core health program' to fill in the gap.  The fml method by Physical Solutions is designed to elevate your health, create connections that were lost, focus on what was missed and turn weaknesses into strengths.



You're not alone. Be coached, assessed and guided in one on one sessions with Jamie. Attend virtual group meetings to further support your goals along with access to a live community that evolves with you. Learn with and from others that are as committed to their health as you are.

monthly value $255



Take on extra learning, education and problem solving tactics on a variety of topics, challenges and movement applications.

FREE to members.

workshop value $30 each


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


I do like the learning and involvement I've found here. I feel I've just started to find the parts of my body I need to work on and was looking forward to what comes next.  I've really enjoyed the journey and learning to listen to my body.

Bare Feet


I am enjoying so much less pain in my heels/calves with some of the things I am learning - I want to jump ahead and try to find exactly what I need but am not wanting to miss anything. 

Thank you for your excitement!

Crossfit Exercise


I have always been an avid exercise enthusiast and to think that I will be able to participate using my body properly is exciting. I feel that I have a long way to go but the tools you’ve given me to work with are already having an enormous effect. I’m really looking forward to the next segment of functionality!

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