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Essential Education

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All you need is a device that can connect to the internet, a quiet place, and room to move.


Be guided by Jamie, learn more about how and why your body is the way it is and what can make the difference. 


Leave feeling refreshed and empowered with all your questions answered regarding your health.

Assess - Connect - Integrate

In all of our courses & workshops you will taken through assessments to help you to feel and understand what is missing in your movements.  You will be given simple yet effective exercises that will make a surprising and immediate difference in your body and walk away with tricks on how to integrate these changes into life!! 

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Learn key education and awareness around your efforts and if they are actually helping with your pain

Get introduced to a new way of looking at the why behind your pain

Find and free tension and pain from your system through easy and effective tricks that you can easily add to life

Increase your ability to make adjustments in your body that give you immediate change

a focus on finding what's missing, NOT what's wrong.


Yoga Class


Working with you I have touched on aspects of connection yet also have been surprised by how some movement exercises have showed weakness in areas I thought were strong!

Friends Working Out


I always started with working out and trying to make myself “stronger”  because I assumed the pain was from not being strong enough.  Turns out that wasn’t the case.  I would inevitably get more pain and go into the cycle. Breathing wasn’t something that was in my tool box as I didn’t realize it was helpful. I also didn’t really know what my body’s natural position was and couldn’t return or find it.  Rolling incessantly wasn’t always the answer.  My new habits include more breathing and awareness of my body.  Recognizing when I need help and where to work on rather than beating a dead horse in the wrong place.  I am also learning that limitations are okay because you can work through them rather than just force something to occur when it hurts.

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