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What to Expect

There is no such thing as isolated healing.

This is where we shift into more self learning with the addition of the 'The Health Core Program'.  Sustainable healing starts with awareness and understanding.



We understand that when you are in survival mode it's all consuming. We see the struggles that come with pain, the worry and the what if's in daily life and moving out of survival mode can be scary.


We believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to take care of their bodies and be confident in any daily task, without the fear of not being able to move the next day.  Which is what PHASE 2 is all about.


Building confidence so you can freely move through life..


t’s time to unleash NEW thought processes and realizations in how to create the power you always wanted. You will learn tools and strategies on how to create self care, pain and tension management. And you’ll get clear on the importance of knowing what part should be doing, what and why so that you can be unleashed in your movements.


It's never what you are doing but HOW you are doing it!

Quality Time

Get back to moving like a kid again.
NO Fear NO Hesitations NO Limitations

EDUCATION MATTERS - online content


We recognize that you can only take in so much information during our one on one sessions which is why we developed 'The Core Health Program' so you can get a better understanding and have the ability to digest the information at your own pace. Take on a guided tour around the body in which you'll learn everything you need to have to create a reliable foundation (CORE). Take on new techniques that are transferable to ANY exercise regime, be introduced to exercises that challenge you in new ways and get thought provoking questions that empower you to take back your health independence.


We can't to it for you :(

Our Core Health Program ends where most programs start and is divided into seven progressive phases making it easy to maintain and stay on track.  So whether you are moving from injury to pain-free, from unfit to fit or fit to pro-fit.  This program can be designed to fit you. Unlock your ability to move freely, to be in control yet stay relaxed and to be strong and flexible at the same time.

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One on ones - Staying on the court


One on one's play a vital roll in our journey together. In this phase your one on ones will become a little further apart - giving you time to explore, play and take on the concepts presented in The Core Health Program.  Continued one on ones will help keep you on track, motivated and getting feedback from a coach is super valuable!  We can't see ourselves from the outside and finding those blind spots in how you move is how we make long lasting change.  Elite athletes didn't become athletes by doing it on their own!


Get the support you need...

Struggles are real and a BIG part of the journey.  Don't secretly struggle, get frustrated and quit!  There is a better way, send us a note - we are always here to help - if we don't know you are struggling we can't help you move beyond it! 

Attend monthly virtual group meetings to further support your goals along with access to a live community that evolves with you. Learn with and from others that are as committed to their health as you are.



Assess how you move through life


Becoming aware of what happens in day to day life is a powerful tool to make simple changes that will transfer throughout all areas of life and movement.  Missing this awareness is a mistake and results in the practicing of the same mechanics over and over without addressing or understanding the technique behind it. 

Change something and everything changes.

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