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What to Expect

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What are you willing to do to get there?

We have a crazy amount of tools and modalities to to help you to be your optimal version of health which starts with understanding the why.

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The Assessment: Data collection


We will spend an hour together going through detailed functional assessments that analyze posture(s), multi-joint movement, body awareness, joints and muscular imbalances to uncover the root cause of your pain or dysfunction before designing a treatment program. Determining what areas of your body holds muscle tension, joint restrictions and where movement breakdowns exist is key. It seems counterintuitive, but where you feel pain is rarely the source. 

The main focus is data collection because discomfort in any form is NOT normal and our body doesn't do anything without a reason.


Finding your theme... 


It may seem over whelming at first as we peel back the layers of compensations but ultimately we are looking for YOUR theme - what is the same thing that keeps showing up as we dive into how you move.  Determining this is key to making a dramatic change in how you feel and move.


Creating optimal health requires attention to detail, dedicated time educating you to become aware of what's missing and creating connections that were lost. Every session will include take home exercises - 'HOMEWORK' to help you get more connected.

What to expect

We have an incessant drive to make a difference in your physical health. We believe anything is possible & you don't have to wait to feel better to move.

The Follow Up: Creating a plan


We will spend an hour together summarizing what we discovered in your assessment, determining goals, prioritizing efforts, and answering any questions that you may have about the process and journey together.  We will create an action plan that it attainable and fits easily into your lifestyle.


It's all about the 'Homework'..


After each session you will get 'HOMEWORK' specific to your goals, needs, body awareness and time commitments (unique to you). You will be provided with a link to videos for your viewing pleasure so you can better take in information during our sessions rather than trying to remember all the specifics.  These videos are also a great way take on each exercise newly with each viewing - play, watch, experience and repeat! 

Together at the Top

Create crystal clear attainable goals and learn how to release stress you’re holding in your body to enable you to move forward.

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Additional Follow ups - Getting on the court


Continued sessions will consist of 30 mins together in which we will continue to create awareness, calm the nervous system, correct mobility issues and build stability around those areas of concern. We will address the struggles and begin to repair the communication with other areas of the body.


Watching videos won't change your body..  

Our method is really "hands on". You need to get off your chair and work through your homework! All the material will sound 'great' but if there is no personal application, you won't walk away with any positive change. 


Each session is designed to make you more aware of how your body works, and get you asking questions about how you've addressed body issues in the past. You will be introduced to a new mindset that is necessary to get changes in your body for the long term.


How dominant is your dominant side?


  • Become more aware of how dominant your dominate side is?  

  • Take note of how your body adjusts to escape using the other side?

  • Determine the effects of being a pusher verses a shifter and what that means in movement.

  • Make changes based on what you discover


Simply becoming more aware of your body and how you move will change everything!

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