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Where Movement Works &

Feeling Better Happens.

It's Not Always About The Part That's Screaming The Most

I'm an expert in breaking down movement to find the 'ROOT' of the problem.  I will help YOU learn the why and empower YOU to get YOUR freedom & Life back!

Hi I'm Jamie

An Athletic Therapist, educator, collaborator, a listener that is full of compassion.  Add a little enthusiasm and a dash of humour makes me a true believer that anything is possible. 


What else makes me different from the others?

The focus I put on the details.       


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Doing your home exercises, but not feeling any better?

Tired of an aching body that always seems to have 'something' wrong with it?

Tired of holding back and missing out on things because of fear of injury?

I understand how it feels to be frustrated when your body is not able to do what you want to do.  Don't sit on the sidelines of life anymore!

Take back control over your body, so you can do whatever 'child-like stupidity' that runs through your brain and still get out of bed the next day!